Arid Zone AfforestationNPO – Safe TreeTM

Safe Tree  is an innovate, environmentally friendly, tree planting system. It is the result of long research and experiments on plants behaviour, under the conditions we created, and with the materials we selected and processed for this purpose.

Safe Tree™ is applied via different methods in the following two areas:

  • Areas where periods of rainfall are interchanged by long-drought periods, which are under the threat of desertification.
  • Areas where it rains either very little or not at all, like deserts.

In both cases the system creates favourable conditions at the newly planted plant’s root system, by securing constant moisture, stable temperature, dynamic ventilation and strong fertilization, thus assisting the plant to survive itself and grow very fast indeed.

Safe Tree™ can only be applied by specialized crews, who have completed the relevant scientific training, to guarantee the effective implementation of the system in every environment. The materials used have been specially processed to obtain the specifications required for the system to adapt and work perfectly under any given weather conditions.

Periodical Rainfalls
  • Retains and stores rain water bellow the plant, during the rainy periods
  • Feeds back to the plant the stored water gradually, according to the needs of the plant, during the entire drought period
  • Zero watering water, plants don’t need irrigation
  • Prevent fertilizers from being lost in the subsoil
  • Assists the plant to grow very fast, double growth rate than the traditional planting

safetree_periodical rainfalls

No Rainfall (Deserts)
  • Underground watering system
  • Stores and traps the watering water bellow the plant
  • Feeds the stored water to the plant, gradually according to its needs
  • Prevents fertilizers from being lost in the subsoil
  • Minimum watering water, 100 times less than the traditional planting
  • Assists the newly planted plant to survive itself and grow securely and rapidly


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