Arid Zone AfforestationNPO – Finished Projects

Water-free planting projects using the Safe Tree™ planting system, have been carried out in public areas, in Greece, since December 2009.

Area: Mount Penteli, Attica, Greece

Planted: 13.01.2010
Height of plant: 25cm
Photos: 08.07.2016

Area: Mount Kokkinaras, Attica, Greece

Planted:  13.12.2009
Height of plant: 25cm
Photos: 08.07.2016

Area: Mount Parnitha, Attica, Greece

Planted: 20.03.2010
Height of plant: 15cm
Photos: 08.07.2016

Area: Kalyvia Beach, Attica, Greece

Planted: 20.06.2010
Height of plant: 40cm
Photos: 08.07.2016

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