Trash is for Tossers

How many times, especially now that it is summer and we spend more time outdoors, we have been disgust from trash that we found by the beach or in the sea? We sympathize and get frustrated when we see pictures on the news of plastics floating like small islands, however we never think the amount of trash we produce ourselves when we go to the bakery for example. Several bags packing each thing we bought and then a bigger one made out of plastic. How many of us have counted the trash bags we throw each week? or how we can reuse a bag or a jar?

I came across a blog several months ago and since then I am following it religiously. I was always thinking the amount of my trash, trying to eliminate most of them however she, Lauren Singer, the author of this blog, took it to another level. “Trash is for Tossers” is an amazing blog giving us practical ideas through videos and articles on how to eliminate our trash and live a zero waste life. Moreover, it shares recipes on chemical free and homemade toothpastes, deodorants, body creams etc.

When the president of America ditches the Paris agreement you can see that simple American citizens can understand the threat we are under and the urge to change how we function in our daily lives just by changing small habits.

Mara Vasileiou for Arid Zone Afforestation